Who We Are

Welcome to Lavanta Coffee Roasters, Inc. proud roasters and coffee professionals of exquisite coffees from around the world. Lavanta Coffee is a second generation family-owned business that makes it our mission to work directly with farmers to ensure quality, consistency, and healthy environmental practices. By working with our farmers and by "direct trade", we ensure our coffee is in direct contact with our company from the farmer to your cup. Direct Trade also allows Lavanta Coffee to build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with our farmers and cooperatives in the coffee producing countries from around the world.

We additionally support women in origin by sourcing as much as possible from women farmers and cooperatives that reinvest in children’s education, health, clean water supplies and increase of their living standard.

Lavanta Coffee works diligently to produce high quality specialty coffees at reasonable prices. We offer custom selected and custom roasted coffees from over 40 different origins and an additional 15 blends which are only roasted upon order.  Our consumers also have the opportunity to create their own signature blends and labels, which we are able to ship within 24 hours of roasting. 

By working with Lavanta Coffee Roasters, you are not only ensured that you are receiving fresh specialty coffee, but you are also extending your support to farmers, women producers, and cooperatives that we invest in to improve their livelihoods and local habitats.

*Pictured to the right is one of Team Members with the owner of a farm in Colombia*