Our Commitment to the Coffee Farmers


Regulates growing methods by prohibiting GMO seeds and prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals used in agriculture. Organic standards are verified during production, as well as the roasting, processing and handling of all Organic Certified Coffees.


Is a global certification that uses traceability to get farmer higher wages allowing them to hold onto their farms and invest in quality.  These premiums are then used by the cooperatives and farmers as needed for equipment, tools, and other items that are used on a daily basis.  It puts farmers in direct contact with importers and roasters which creates long-term sustainability


Focuses primarily on good farming habits to protect the wildlife.  In Flores (Indonesia) our team plants 1,000 trees in deforested jungles, which are now protected lands to rebuild the natural habitats for jungle species.  We additionally focus on waste water management so that the water that is returned to the streams is as clean and if not cleaner then when it was taken out of the streams


Ever wonder what the path a coffee bean takes to get to your cup?  We know the entire process due to our direct involvement with the entire chain. 

Our green coffee buyers travel extensively in search of the highest quality beans from each producing country.  From picking off the coffee trees, to processing & sorting, to exporting & importing, to roasting, our DIRECT TRADE program monitors and implements strict standards at each step of the coffee bean's path. 

Direct Trade is a premium paying program that rewards Farmers & Processors for property farming and processing to produce the highest quality of coffees.  For following our strict standards, we reward them with paying a premium over market pricing. 

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