Decaf Colombia Excelso


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Recommended Roast Profiles: Medium to Dark. Also great for an Espresso Roast

16 ounce Quantity

Cup Characteristics: This Colombia Excelso Arabica coffee is a wonderful go-to cup of coffee. This coffee offers a rich, nutty flavor with slight hints of fruit and cocoa.The Excelso is silky, medium, bright acidity, well balanced, excellent flavor  and the type of coffee you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Located at the foot of the Andes, where the weather is temperate and moist, lies Medellin Colombia. This is known as being one of the finest of all coffees with a wonderfully smooth body.

Colombia was introduced to coffee in 1808, by a clergyman who originated from the French Antilles, and Venezuela. Today, this great country is the third biggest producer in the world with an annual production of 12 million 132-pound bags. You can see how important coffee is to the nation’s economy as all imported cars have to get sprayed so they do not inadvertently introduce any new potential crop diseases that may affect their coffee production.  Colombia is also the largest exporter of washed Arabica beans. The climate in Colombia is ideal for growing coffee without any risk of frost, which may harm the crops. Coffee is either graded as Supremo or Excelso; the difference between the two being that the Supremo is a larger bean. Size of the beans do play an important role in the flavor profile of the Colombia's.