Ethiopia Sidamo


16 ounce Quantity

Cup Characteristics: This Arabica Ethiopia Sidamo, grown exclusively in the Sidamo Province, features a deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste with bursts of berries and fruit. It has medium acidity with medium body but rich in flavor and balanced beautifully.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The first Arabica tree was found growing in the wild in the forests of the south-western highlands of Kaffa and Buno districts. The name, Coffee, is derived from the Kaffa region in Ethiopia. The cultivation by men of the coffee tree dates back to the 9th century, although it is still a mystery to who was responsible. The Ethiopian nomadic mountain men were said to be the first to feel the effects of coffee, but it was not consumed as a beverage, rather they chewed on the red cherries.

Today Ethiopia’s production is significant and the quality of these coffees are among the most unusual in the world, but without a doubt amongst the best coffees in the world.